Bantayan Island Women’s Project for a Solidarity Economy


After typhoon Haiyan, much of Bantayan Island, Philippines was destroyed. TIGRA put together a delegation to see the rebuilding and resilience efforts that our partners like Damgo sa Kaugmon and Tambuyog were doing and find a way to forge long-term sustainable strategies TIGRA can support.

This project came out of discussions with the women of the island during the delegation who wanted to participate in rebuilding, not only their families, but the financial stability of the entire island. The project will help further the ideas that the women have around sustainable ways to rebuild the island economically. TIGRA’s commitment is to help support this effort led by the women of Bantayan Island and to share our experience and research on the contribution of a “Responsible Tourism” strategy in facilitating the creation of a robust and resilient economic ecosystem for the island.

The Bantayan Island Women’s Project for a Solidarity Economy seeks to envision and build an economy that is sustainable and that helps secure financial stability for their families. This project will work with partners on the ground to develop and support the women in pursuing livelihoods that help build a more robust local economy that is fair, just, and empowering.

For more information please contact: Ivonne Quiroz or call 510-338-4923