Buying Club of the Bay Area

Many areas of The Bay can be considered “food deserts”, places where quality, whole foods are inaccessible to certain communities. The inaccessibility comes from either lack of grocery stores or farmer’s markets or high cost of food that is available within neighborhoods.

The Buying Club of the Bay Area is TIGRA’s way to help create alternatives to the traditional ways of purchasing food while promoting leadership, community involvement and healthy lifestyles.

The Buying Club is a neighborhood run program that helps communities gain access to high quality foods at a lower cost. The program brings together neighbors and friends so they can get the benefits of buying in bulk, from a source that upholds environment and labor standards. Participants estimate that they save 25% from their typical grocery bill. The program is currently running in Oakland and Union City.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Ivonne Quiroz or call 510-338-4923