As an immigrant-serving organization, TIGRA has grappled with the multi-scalar nature of migration.  It is both an individual and societal issue.  A migrant is simultaneously ‘voting with her feet’, to put it elegantly, and being ‘pushed’ and ‘pulled’ by economic, social, political and environmental factors.  TIGRA’s programming reflects a bold vision:  to empower migrant communities to use their economic power as a catalyst for genuine change.

We believe that the transnational family can play an important role as a catalyst for a just and sustainable economy.  As such, TIGRA seeks to make visible the solidarity economy in practice, and in turn, cultivate conscious consumption as a common ethic in immigrant communities.  While uplifting the solidarity economy is itself an end goal, benefiting socially and environmentally-responsible businesses, TIGRA also aims to create platforms that generates additional revenue for community-based development efforts, in particular by cultivating innovative relationships with the financial sector, in particular through Remit4Change.