Immigrant Consumer Cooperative Union

The ICCU is TIGRA’s effort to aggregate the economic power of immigrants to influence the policies and practices of industries that rely on their labor and wealth. The goal is to provide its members access to a suite of socially-responsible products and services that are fairly priced, strengthens local economies, and of high quality.

• ICCU members will patronize businesses that show our communities respect and genuine care for the well-being of our families and neighborhoods

• ICCU members will work with all sectors (business, government, unions, nonprofits, religious institutions, etc.) that are committed to and work towards building communities that are more equitable, safe, and welcoming to all

• ICCU members will seek, offer and even create economic alternatives to our members and the broader community that exemplify the values we hold dear: solidarity, cooperation, and empowerment

ICCU members participate in local buying clubs to access healthy foods and groceries sourced with ethical businesses, time banks that shares people’s skills and talents, promoting socially responsible financial services (accounts with credit unions, using accredited remittance services, acquiring secured credit cards, etc.), and enjoying each other’s company at immigrant-welcoming restaurants in our community.